A downloadable Piece of paper for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for Global Game Jam 2016 by Team Sauerkrautfabrik. See our entry page for further details.


Every day the same rituals, the same routines. But what happens when your rituals get mixed up?

You wake up in the morning, only to find yourself having your everday rituals all mixed up! Try to memorize the rituals presented to you at each day and interact with the according objects in the right order.


Mouse and Keyboard

move character - w, a, s ,d

interact with object - left mouse button

Game Pad (windows)

move character - left thumb stick

interact with object - a button


To reset player progression (task to remember) press F1

Install instructions

Just unzip the package and start the executable (windows, linux). On linux you might have to set the appropriate execution flag. On mac you just have to install the .app package.


paperworld_daily_rituals.windows.zip 23 MB
paperworld_daily_rituals.mac.zip 34 MB
paperworld_daily_rituals.linux.zip 35 MB