A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You play a little monster, trying to scare people.
Points are based on how surprising the scare was.
After a person panics, they run towards the exit point.
If someone exits the level, you have only a limit amount of time to try and scare as many of the remaining people as possible.
Happy scaring ;)

The game has been created while participating in ludum dare 33 (jam entry).
Please consider rating the game on its ludum dare page http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-33/?action=p... as well. Thank you so much!

Install instructions

You have two actions:
growl - helps luring guards to where you can properly scare them
roar - used to actually scare them

-- Gamepad recommended! --

Every person has a certain range for vision and hearing.
If you appear very sudden in front of someone, they get scared instantly and you get the maximum points ;)


move - w, a, s, d
growl - left click
roar - right click
rotate left and right - mouse x
zoom in and out - mouse scroll wheel
jump - space bar
run - shift

Gamepad (windows other platforms may vary):
move - left stick
camera - right stick
jump - a
growl - x
roar - b
run - rt

Programming and game design:
Sven Freiberg

Sound effects:
smcameron - wumpus-roar (freesound.org)
thecluegeek - scared (freesound.org)
arrigd - zombie-roar-8 (freesound.org)
ecfike - uh (freesound.org)


scarethemall.linux32.zip 16 MB
scarethemall.mac32.zip 16 MB
scarethemall.win32.zip 14 MB